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Ear Piercing

Has your daughter been mithering to have her ears pierced?

Well with the school holidays upon us, this is an ideal time to have them done. When you have a piercing done the jewellery cannot be removed during the healing period and even after healing the jewellery shouldn’t be removed for long periods of time. So the summer break makes it an ideal time to get your piercings done!

At the FAB Salon we use hygienic, sterile, 24 carat gold or silver plated surgical steel studs with a choice of designs.


What ear piercing do you offer?

We offer a variety of ear piercings so that you can achieve the look you want. To help you achieve your perfect piercing, here’s our definitive guide:

Single lobe piercing – This is a single piercing on one ear.

Pair lobe piercing – This is a single piercing on both ears.

Second lobe piercing – Love your first lobe piercing and you want another? Why not!

Our ear piercing is fast, gentle and few people feel any discomfort.

How old do I need to be to have my ear’s pierced?

If you are 16 years old and under you will need to bring a parent or legal guardian. All minors must be at least 8 years old and have the consent of their parent or legal guardian in order for us to pierce their ears. The parent or legal guardian must be physically present for the piercing.

Who will do my ear piercing?

We have select therapists who can administer ear piercing all with many years’ experience, they are Lindsey, Joanna and Faye.

What’s involved in ear piercing?

Our therapist will clean and mark your earlobe and give you time to check the position. Once you agree that it’s the perfect spot, the piercing itself is over in an instant. Afterwards the ear piercing our therapist will advise you on how to take care of your new piercing.

ear piercing oldham

What do you advise in aftercare of ear piercing?

  • cleanse the ear lobe at least twice a day without removing the earrings, by dabbing the front and back of the ear lobe with a cotton ball dipped in EAR CARE SOLUTION
  • sterilise hands and rotate the earrings (like winding your watch) three times a day
  • do not remove stud for four weeks
  • after 4 to 6 weeks a post type stud (24ct gold or surgical stainless steel) should be worn
  • do not wear wire type studs for at least 8 weeks
  • consult your doctor if excessive redness, itching or soreness occurs
  • after shampooing hair make sure all soap is rinsed around the lobe – avoid hairsprays and hair preparations

Contact the salon and speak to reception for further information 0161 627 1114

Can you suggest anything for a healthy natural looking tan?

Q. I have a wedding coming up in the next few weeks and would like a tan for the big day; I have red hair and very pale skin and am wary of tanning products looking fake and too dark. Can you suggest anything for a healthy natural looking tan?

A. Everyone feels better with a tan, but there can be a very fine line between sun kissed glow and mahogany sideboard. In our search for the perfect sunless tan to use in salon, we tried almost every tan on the market with results varying from Ronseal wood stain to the full David Dickinson rust like lustre of the Ready Brek man on a cold winter’s morning. We did this selflessly so that you didn’t have to. Our extensive search for the holy grail of natural looking tan led us to the multi award winning Xen Tan.

Xen Tan guarantees that whatever your skin tone , they have the perfect product for you, with three natural looking tones of application- dark, mid and gradual. The founder of Xen Tan has a complexion similar to the one you describe as having yourself and had suffered with fake looking, orange toned results for years, and so developed her tan with ingredients to create a long lasting, natural olive tan with a flawless finish. The product itself is packed with moisturisers to nourish the skin and keep it perfectly hydrated, ensuring that the tan develops and fades evenly and smell delicious too. Another huge advantage to this tan is that it reacts with the melanin in your skin, developing to the individual and their skin tone; this means that the tan will not go any darker on the skin than that person would go with natural sun exposure.

Xen Tan

If any further reassurance was needed that this is the perfect tan for a natural glow, then this is it; Xen Tan was the product that Kate Middleton used the day she graduated from commoner to royalty on the day of the royal wedding!

The tan can be purchased in salon for home application if you are an experienced user of tans or we do offer a range of expert tanning treatments in salon from the full tan treatment including a full body exfoliation to a tan application treatment for those short of time.

I would strongly recommend that you have a trial run before the big event, be that with one of our specialised salon treatments or a home self-application. This will put you at ease with the product and help you decide of the level of tan you would like to make sure you channel your perfect inner-duchess in the big day.

Do I have to buy new sun cream every year?

Q. I am taking my family abroad this summer on holiday and still have creams left over from our summer holiday last year. Is it necessary to buy new or is it just a myth that I have to buy new every time?

A. The importance of sun cream, especially with prolonged sun exposure such as summer holidays cannot be underestimated, but there are still an alarming number of people who brave the UV rays without applying sunscreen.

As we all know over exposure to the sun causes sunburn, premature aging, wrinkling, pigmentation and most seriously skin cancers. So making sure you have a good quality sunscreen in an appropriate factor is vital to maintain healthy skin and ensure a relaxing holiday without that red and sore look.

Whether holidaying at home or abroad you will need to apply sun cream. Choosing the appropriate factor will depend on how your skin reacts to the sun, the strength of the sun exposure and the amount of time spent in it. Some people are more susceptible to the sun and children in particular should wear a high protection factor of 30 and above. Others who should show caution in the sun are those with fair skin, red & blonde hair and those with blue & green eyes. Pregnant ladies, and those experiencing hormonal changes, may also notice a difference in their skins sun resistance during this time and should be especially aware of the risk of sun pigmentation. It is also worth noting that some medications can affect the skins photosensitivity, your doctor will be able to advise you if this is the case.

Expired sun cream has literally fallen apart so the formulation no longer works as a sun protection, so it is no myth that you need to buy new each year. In addition you may experience changes in colour, consistency and smell of the product. All cosmetics have an indicator symbol on them to advise how long they stay stable once they have been opened. Using creams after this time can cause skin irritations and reactions, therefore using out of date sunscreen could be more damaging to the skin that using nothing at all.

clarins sun care range

Both Clarins and Guinot offer sun care ranges with advance multi cellular protection, which in addition to providing sun protection also prevent sun aging and preserve the skin natural health and beauty. With prices in both ranges starting from £17 protecting your family’s skin on holiday this year will be the easiest choice you make all summer.

guinot sun care range

How can i Spring clean my makeup?

Q. I have been spring cleaning my make-up bag and would like to update my look, as I feel like I am stuck in a rut wearing the same colours for years. I am 50 years old, so I don’t want to anything dramatic, but I would like a change.

A. Spring is my favourite season, leaping lambs, blossom on the trees, everything blooming and colourful and it’s the season furthest away from winter!

Spring cleaning gives us a feeling of revival and renewal for the rest of the year, whether it is in the home, in your wardrobe or in this case in your make up bag.

Subtle changes with your make up can have a dramatic effect not only in the way we look but also in the way we feel. Make up is a most wonderful innovation with the power to turn back the clock, disguise imperfections and send a message to the outside world on how we feel about ourselves. Wearing the same make up for any extended period of time can make us stuck in that time and place; you will no doubt have changed in that time and your make up should grow with you as a symbol of that personal evolution.

A nice way to update your look for the spring season (and beyond) is to change your base product. Why not try a shift from heavy foundation products and try a lighter textured tinted moisturiser or Clarins BB (blemish balm) cream for a light yet flawless daytime look. Both products offer coverage and luminous radiance to the skin whilst also offering moisture and sun protection factors to the skin. Changing the textures of other products such a blushers from powders to cream can also help deliver a natural healthy lustre to the skin and give a more current contemporary look.

Clarins BB

The smallest change which makes the greatest impact is to refresh the shade or colour of your lipstick.

There are so many different colours and finishes that you will be spoilt for choice. The right colour can have a dramatic effect; get it right and you have instant transformation. The right colour can make the perfect statement whether it is for relaxed daytime chic, instant evening glamour, a fashionable seasonal boost to stay en vogue or a classic staple for a timeless look. This spring orange is “the” colour of the season and there are shades to suit every age and skin tone, so it’s not as scary as it sounds to keep up the trend.

In salon we always have a Clarins Colour expert on hand to talk you through all the latest collections and answer any questions you may have to find the perfect products for the look you want to achieve. Please feel free to call in for a full consultation and why not bring your make up bag with you, we’re happy to help you spring clean.

Will gel polish ruin my nails?

Q. I really love having a manicure, but I do find that my polish only really lasts for a couple of days before it is chipping at the ends of my nails. I have heard of gel polishes that last for two weeks, but I worry they would damage my nails. Is this the case?

A. Having a manicure is such a treat, a real luxury and pamper for your nails and a well-earned break from it all whilst you relax in the tranquil salon environment, and gone are the days now where the results of all that pampering are a distant memory almost overnight.

If you are concerned about the length of time you are keeping the results of your normal manicure, then CND Shellac is probably the answer to your prayers.

When CND launched the Shellac system they declared that the beauty industry should “say hello to the future!” and that genuinely has been the case. Shellac is the breakthrough service that combines the ease of polish with incomparable high gloss shine and extended wear. A true innovation in chip-free, long lasting colour.

The Shellac treatment, when carried out by a fully CND accredited professional therapist will not cause any damage to the natural nail plate, as there are no drills or nail surface filing required. Removal is also safe and gentle to the nail and can be done in as little as 8-10 minutes. It is so easy that it can be done at home with the CND remove tube and the specially designed removal wraps. Soaking nails in bowls of drying and damaging acetone is a thing of the past.

cnd shellac

Another amazing feature of the Shellac product is that there is no drying time, so nails stay salon immaculate for two weeks, with no smudges, dents or chips in the finish. You can just grabs your car keys and go without fear that they will be ruined by the time you drive off the car park and “palm only” driving will be a thing of the past!

With regard to your primary concern of nail damage, as well as being gentle on application and removal the thin yet strong CND Shellac protects and helps strengthen natural nails. Shellac is a porous product and will allow absorption of strengthening proteins such as Nailtiques and nurturing oils like Solar Oil, through it to keep the natural nail strong and hydrated.


Shellac colours are available in every conceivable shade and with the launch of Shellac Additives and Rock star nails you can now create your own bespoke colours and designs to stamp your own individuality and personality into your manicure treatment; expressing yourself through your nails.

If you need any more information or would like to talk to someone about prices and appointments, please feel free to pop into the salon or call us on 0161 627 1114 and one of our dedicated staff will be happy to help you.

How do I get Celebrity nails when I am a nail biter without having false nails?

Q. My daughter has her school leavers prom coming up and wants her nails to look like the celebrities in magazines, but she is a nail biter and I am reluctant to let her have false nails on, is there an alternative?

A. Lets begin by thanking our friends across the pond in America for the new tradition of prom. When did we move on from pop and crisps in the school hall, wearing your favorite aran cardigan? Times they are a changing and prom has become a huge milestone for teenagers across the country. The need for them to feel their absolute best and look like a celebrity on the red carpet is as much a part of the night as the party itself, but I understand your concern that she may be a little young to begin  to indulge in the world of added aesthetics at a time when her youthful beauty will shine through unaided, without the extra help that those of us who remember pop and crisps in the school hall need now a days.

Nail extensions are a great quick fix for added nail length and a truly glamourous look. The number of styles and designs available is mesmorising and as a one off treatment and worn for a short time nail extensions shouldn’t do too much damage to the natural nail plate. Nail extensions are a high maintenance investment and the buffing required to attach the extension can result in weak, peeling and sore nails.

There are a few alternatives available and the right option for you may depend on how much time there is until the big day. The first thing I would recommend is a Nailtiques manicure and homecare routine. Created for individual nail conditions requiring specific treatment , each formula offers special ingredients to bond the nail layers together. Formulas are available to treat hard and brittle nails, weak, peeling and soft nails and excessivley soft and peeling nails. As well as protien formulas, Nailtiques offer a full range of handcare products to soften and hydrate cuticles, moisturise and nourish the nail plate and condition the hands. Nailtiques has been awarded “Best Treatment for Problem Nails” for three years in a row and has entered InStyle magazine’s prestigious hall of fame.


After prolonged biting your daughter’s nails will probably be weak and prone to separating and peeling due to the nature of how they have been ripped by the teeth. After only a few weeks of using Nailtiques formula 2 for weak, peeling and soft nails she will notice a dramatic difference in the length and strength of her nails and once she begins to care for her nails the urge to bite them should subside. Once her natural nails have made an improvement she would be fine to have a regular or spa manicure on the day of the event to make her nails look groomed and party ready.

 Nailtiques formula 2

However if time is not on your side another alternative would be a shellac manicure. Shellac is a gel polish, a hybrid between a true gel (which can be used to create extensions) and a regular nail varnish, it goes on like varnish, so it doesn’t look thick and false, and sets like a gel so that there is no chance of smudging, and no dry time after the treatment. As this product sets like a gel it will stay in it’s immaculte salon finish for 2-3 weeks (depending on you r natural nail growth) without chipping or peeling and as it is not a true gel there in no buffing to the natural nail plate. The shellac treatment cannot add length to the nail but it does give a groomed A list look and is availale in a calvlcade of colours, that won’t damag the nail, but will stay looking fresh for 21 days.

shellac manicure

Shellac is a short term answer to the immediate issue of glamorous nails at the prom, the Nailtiques is a more long term solution to the nail biting problem and will ensure that every future party and event is celebrated with beautiful A List nails.

Hope this has helped, and I hope your daughter enjoys her special night.

What can I do for the dark circles round my eyes?

Q. I get dark circles very quickly around my eyes if I don’t sleep well or am feeling under the weather. What is the best cover up I can use to hide this and is there anything I can do in my daily routine to prevent it?

A.Periorbital dark circles are minor dark circles around the eye commonly combined with the appearance of periorbital puffiness a combination mainly suggestive of minor sleep deprivation.

Dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. The circles themselves are blood vessels that can be seen through the skin. The skin around the eyelids is the thinnest skin in the body and as in the case of varicose veins, when blood passes through large veins close to the surface of the skin, it produces a bluish tint. The more transparent the skin the darker the circles appear. In people with a deep-set bone structure, shadowing can also contribute to dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles can have many varied and different causes such as fatigue, allergies, medication, cold and sinus infections and liver problems; they may also be hereditary (thanks Mum and Dad) or the dreaded signs of aging.

There was a time when we could pass our dark circles off as vampire chic, at least once a year at Halloween, but now thanks to Twilight even vampires have skin that sparkles in the sunlight, we cannot cut a break!

So now we know what they are and what causes them lets address the bigger issue; how do we get rid of them?

I suggest a three prong attack, a triple threat assault on all things blue and crescent shaped around our eyes. Firstly Salon treatment can be used to correct, secondly homecare products diminish and refresh and thirdly concealers can be used to disguise.

In salon we offer a number of treatments specifically designed for the eye area. The most popular of these is the CACI eye treatment, a quick 15 minute appointment targeted to diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness. CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. The machine works on muscle memory to stimulate muscles to re-take their original position, using micro-current. During the treatment the stimulation around the eye area boosts circulation reducing the appearance of dark circles. The gliding action of the machine stimulates lymphatic drainage helping to reduce puffiness too. Individual treatments can produce dramatic results, but the best results are seen after a course of ten treatments, taken 2 a week for 5 weeks.


At home as part of your skincare routine you can introduce an eye gel. A grain of rice sized amount around the orbital bone morning and evening will brighten, tighten and hydrate. Both Clarins and Guinot have gels specifically designed for the eye area, with specialised plant extracts such as horse chestnut to decongest and regulate blood circulation. As your symptoms are specifically cause by fatigue then an eye mask is also an option and can be used as and when the problem occurs instead of using a daily treatment. Again both Clarins and Guinot offer eye mask products with a refreshing gel texture to instantly invigorate the eye area. They also reduce dark circles and make the eye area appear brighter and younger. The cooling effect of the product is also comforting on heavy eyelids and soothing on tired irritated eyes.

The final move in the battle against dark circles is to conceal. Should they refuse to be moved, then they can be disguised. Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector (£25) is available in three colours so there is a shade to match all skin tones. The perfector is a light reflecting concealer that corrects and perfects the appearance of dark circles. The light reflecting pigments create the illusion of radiant and bright skin.

 Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector

I hope this has given you the weapons you need in the fight against dark circles. If you need any more advice on what would be best for your concerns please feel free to pop into the salon and let us conduct a full skin consultation to make sure we can target your needs in the best possible way.

How do I reduce the signs of ageing?

Q. I have recently turned 38 and am starting to notice the first signs of ageing around my eyes and mouth and across my forehead. I’m not sure that I want to go down the botox route just yet, is there anything I can try first?

A. Let me first congratulate you on getting to 38 before those ugly manifestations of time that we call line appeared. I have been locked in an on-going battle with them since the age of 25! Although botox is nothing to be scared of and the results are amazing, I understand that you may not want to go to it as your first port of call in the ageing journey, and there are many other options available to you.

Natural skin ageing can generally begin around the age of 24 when the skin starts to take more time to regenerate and collagen and elastin fibres begin to breakdown. External factors such as sun exposure and pollution and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol intake all take their toll on the skin and its ability to renew and fight the signs of advancing years. So what’s the answer and how do we fight back?

We can reduce the signs of ageing and give the skin a younger appearance. Just as plants respond to nutrients and water, the skin can recharge its resources of energy and revitalising substances that stimulate the cellular functions that make it look younger.

As these are the first signs of ageing, what we should firstly look at is your current homecare routine, do you have one or should you start one? If you are using a daily moisturiser at the moment it may be time to consider changing to a cream that is specifically designed to combat skin aging. If you do not use a daily moisturiser at present, then this is the place to start the fight back.

Clarins Multi Active range is a targeted cream for early wrinkle correction. This super luxurious cream is available for all skin types and as a comfort cream for dryer skins. This expert age-control skincare fights the first signs of ageing and loss of tone whilst also protecting against daytime aggressions to preserve youthful skin and ensure a satin smooth complexion.

clarins skin smoothers

If you are more of a Guinot skincare fan then their firming activators range will accelerate cellular renewal and repair the supporting fibres whilst preventing their degeneration. This range of creams and serums visibly smooth and tone the skin whilst reconnecting the elastic tissue and smoothing lines using a combination of Vitamin C and Pro-Collagen. Try using the Base 777 day cream and the Crème Energie Lift night cream as an introduction to the range.

A great homecare routine will always be boosted by regular salon treatments and the care and advice of your personal trained professional therapist. An excellent salon treatment for you to try to maximise the results of your homecare, would be the Guinot Hydradermie Lift.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift treatments will rejuvenate the features without any invasive procedures. This lifting treatment also tones the skin and firms the face deep down by exercising the muscles. In depth the muscles regain tone and firmness, cellular activity is reactivated and the features are lifted to spectacular effect. At the end of the hour long treatment, your face looks smoother and firmer. Results can be seen after a single treatment but a course of ten treatments, taken two a week for five weeks will make the face visibly younger with no injections.

It is worth remembering that age 30 is the time to prepare for the skin’s appearance at 40; age 40 is when we prepare for 50, and so on, and so with this in mind I’m am off to exercise, start a major detox, exfoliate, put on a face mask and get all 8hr of beauty sleep. We hope to see you in salon soon.

What is the best way for my teenage daughter to remove makeup?

Q. My teenage daughter is starting to wear make-up and I am worried that she is not removing it properly, as she has started to get spots along her jawline and across her forehead. She is then wearing more make up to cover the spots, what do you recommend?

A.The power of make-up to transform the way we look and the way we feel about ourselves is a magical thing. It is with great nostalgia that I look back on my first experiments with make-up. I remember locking myself away in my room, applying my new make-up and emerging again from that same room as if a phoenix reborn from the flames of my old self, ready to be unleashed on a new and exciting world. I also remember the crushing defeat of my father’s laughter and the subsequent “what on earth do you look like?” rhetorical question ringing around my ears as I disappeared back to my room to take it all off again. Thankfully the next time I tried to embark on a journey of reinvention I had my mother at hand and a much smaller trowel. That day along with make-up tips that made me look less like the opening act at The Birdcage, my mother gave me some great advice, always make sure to cleanse tone and moisturise so that you start every day a fresh.

Cleansing is at the heart of any skincare routine. It removes dirt, sweat, make-up and any other impurities that could have built up throughout the day, keeping your skin healthy and ensuring pores don’t become blocked. Failing to cleanse thoroughly could lead to breakouts and skin that’s generally unhealthy and if you’re removing heavy make-up you need to be doubly certain that you’re cleaning your skin properly.

Toning removes any final traces of make-up, dirt, oil or impurities and tightens facial pores, protecting skin from toxins and bacteria.

A recent experiment by journalist Anna Pursglove saw her test the effects of applying make-up every day but not removing it for a whole month. Anna was prompted to explore this as the result of a new survey that found that a third of women questioned confessed to sleeping with their make-up on at least twice a week, but what effect, if any does that have on the skin? Have we all been hoodwinked by the subtle scaremongering of beauty companies in to cleansing, toning and moisturising or would our skin be ok if we simply let it do its own thing?

Anna saw a 3D cosmetic imaging specialist before her experiment began and then again after the month long trial. The results where alarming, Anna skin had aged by a decade as a result of not cleansing, toning and moisturising. Her skin had become dry, uncomfortable, red, cracked and blotchy, and her eyelashes had become brittle, sore and in places had fallen out completely.

And so it would appear that mother really does know best!

You mentioned that your daughter has already started to see some of the side effects associated with inadequate cleansing, resulting in the congestion you described around her jaw and forehead. As this has only started to happen since she started to wear make-up it is a pretty fair assumption that this is the cause as opposed to any underlying skin condition, such as acne, and so a proper cleansing routine should clear the problem.

Both Clarins and Guinot our in salon skin care houses have a wide range of cleansing and toning products to suits every skin type and all lifestyles, and Clarins has a specific skincare range especially designed for teenagers to promote a good skincare routine from an early age, with products starting from only £12.

clarins energizer range

It may well be a good idea to bring her in for a mini facial so that one of our therapists can have a look at her skin and give her some advice on what to do to keep her skin looking fresh and clean. Although we know that mother knows best, we don’t always want to hear or believe it in our teenage years and so will be happy to drum the message home on your behalf.

I hope you have some success and a word to the wise, keep your cosmetics close at hand; it’s only a matter of time before the products find their way into her make-up bag!

What do I get my mum for Mother’s Day?

Q. Help! What do I get my mum for Mother’s Day? My mum is 56 and doesn’t really pamper herself, but I know she would enjoy it if she would just make an appointment, what can I do to introduce her to beauty?

A. All mothers need some intensive R&R every now and again. Taking on the problems and dilemmas of the whole family can be a stressful and tiring job, and mother’s day is the perfect time for you to acknowledge that all her effort, love and even the nagging doesn’t go unnoticed and is appreciated.

A lot of the time once we get a client in through the door for their first treatment, it starts the beginning of a hard to kick pampering addiction, and they wonder why they have never done it before.

A great way of getting Mum to come in and pamper herself is to buy her a voucher, that way the money is already spent and she can’t go spending it on something dull and practice like a new apron or an ironing board cover. You can specify the treatment you would like her to have on the voucher, if there is something you know she would really enjoy or you can buy the voucher for an amount of money and she can spend an afternoon with a cup of tea (or in the case of my mother a large glass of wine) and decide which treatments she like the sound of.

fab salon gift vouchers

If you are worried that simply buying the voucher would not be enough of a push to get her to come in, you could book to come in together and bring her to the salon yourself to cut down on the anxiety of coming into an unfamiliar situation, this also means that you get to treat yourself too, win/win!

We also have a wide and varied range of homecare products so that Mum can get into a good routine at home and once familiar with using products and the idea of a looking after herself as well as she looks after everyone else, she may be more open to the idea of a salon visit.

We know that coming in to salon for the first time can feel intimidating and unnerving for people who are not used to it and we always go out of our way to make sure that clients feel welcome and at ease. We enjoy looking after our clients and making sure they get excellent treatment results, and we look forward to hopefully looking after you and your Mum soon.