What can I do for the dark circles round my eyes?

Q. I get dark circles very quickly around my eyes if I don’t sleep well or am feeling under the weather. What is the best cover up I can use to hide this and is there anything I can do in my daily routine to prevent it?

A.Periorbital dark circles are minor dark circles around the eye commonly combined with the appearance of periorbital puffiness a combination mainly suggestive of minor sleep deprivation.

Dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. The circles themselves are blood vessels that can be seen through the skin. The skin around the eyelids is the thinnest skin in the body and as in the case of varicose veins, when blood passes through large veins close to the surface of the skin, it produces a bluish tint. The more transparent the skin the darker the circles appear. In people with a deep-set bone structure, shadowing can also contribute to dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles can have many varied and different causes such as fatigue, allergies, medication, cold and sinus infections and liver problems; they may also be hereditary (thanks Mum and Dad) or the dreaded signs of aging.

There was a time when we could pass our dark circles off as vampire chic, at least once a year at Halloween, but now thanks to Twilight even vampires have skin that sparkles in the sunlight, we cannot cut a break!

So now we know what they are and what causes them lets address the bigger issue; how do we get rid of them?

I suggest a three prong attack, a triple threat assault on all things blue and crescent shaped around our eyes. Firstly Salon treatment can be used to correct, secondly homecare products diminish and refresh and thirdly concealers can be used to disguise.

In salon we offer a number of treatments specifically designed for the eye area. The most popular of these is the CACI eye treatment, a quick 15 minute appointment targeted to diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness. CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. The machine works on muscle memory to stimulate muscles to re-take their original position, using micro-current. During the treatment the stimulation around the eye area boosts circulation reducing the appearance of dark circles. The gliding action of the machine stimulates lymphatic drainage helping to reduce puffiness too. Individual treatments can produce dramatic results, but the best results are seen after a course of ten treatments, taken 2 a week for 5 weeks.


At home as part of your skincare routine you can introduce an eye gel. A grain of rice sized amount around the orbital bone morning and evening will brighten, tighten and hydrate. Both Clarins and Guinot have gels specifically designed for the eye area, with specialised plant extracts such as horse chestnut to decongest and regulate blood circulation. As your symptoms are specifically cause by fatigue then an eye mask is also an option and can be used as and when the problem occurs instead of using a daily treatment. Again both Clarins and Guinot offer eye mask products with a refreshing gel texture to instantly invigorate the eye area. They also reduce dark circles and make the eye area appear brighter and younger. The cooling effect of the product is also comforting on heavy eyelids and soothing on tired irritated eyes.

The final move in the battle against dark circles is to conceal. Should they refuse to be moved, then they can be disguised. Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector (£25) is available in three colours so there is a shade to match all skin tones. The perfector is a light reflecting concealer that corrects and perfects the appearance of dark circles. The light reflecting pigments create the illusion of radiant and bright skin.

 Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector

I hope this has given you the weapons you need in the fight against dark circles. If you need any more advice on what would be best for your concerns please feel free to pop into the salon and let us conduct a full skin consultation to make sure we can target your needs in the best possible way.