How do I get rid of my excess saggy skin after dieting?

Q. I am keen to get party ready for the festive season. I have lost quite a bit of weight this year with a slimming club and my dream is to be able to fit into dresses that would never have been an option this time last year. The only problem now is that I have quite a bit of sagging skin, can you suggest any creams that would help firm my skin in time to wow at Christmas?

A. Congratulations on your achievements this year with your slimming success and yes we do have creams that will help you show off your hard work to maximum potential. It is such an accomplishment to set a goal, stick to it and achieve it. It is also such a cruel irony that with a weight loss goal the greater the success the greater the issue of skin laxity becomes and we can be left with skin that we have no desire to show off, and so it is that Clarins and Guinot come to the rescue!

Both of our skincare houses have creams that can target a range of skin laxity issues from stretchmarks, firming issues, tightening problems and of course he dreaded curse of cellulite.

The Clarins range includes Super Restorative Body Care, designed to streamline the silhouette and help to lift, tighten, firm and define slacken skin around the abdomen and waist. Extra Firming Body Cream/Lotion is a multi-award winning formula which helps restore the skins youthful density and elasticity for supple natural-looking firmness. They also offer creams to minimise the appearance of stretchmarks , contour and strengthen and to streamline and rejuvenate the skin.

In the Guinot range we have again a full range of solutions to target every skin care issue. A cream that would be perfect for your concerns and timeframe is the Minceur Chrono Logic, an innovative slimming cream designed to work in just 15 days. This multi-action serum-cream, burns fat, visibly firms skin and smooths dimpled skin, reducing the “orange peel” appearance of cellulite. Another top seller in the Guinot range is the Age Logic Corps. This revolutionary cream contributes to deprogramming the skin ageing process, resulting in a re-sculptured shape, firming and toning of the skin and a more youthful looking skin. Again they also have an extensive range of body creams to cover issues such as stretchmarks and contouring.

The countdown to party season is well and truly on whether we choose to believe it or not, it is only a matter of weeks before Christmas. Fear not though, you still have time to start seeing the skincare goals you need to fully show off the results of your amazing hard work and have a truly body confident Christmas.