How can I reduce cellulite on the backs of my legs when I wear my Christmas dress?

Q. I have just bought the perfect dress for my work Christmas party. I am desparate to look my best to impress, but I am quite concious of the visible cellulite on the backs of my legs. Is there anything I can do to reduce it’s appreance before the big day in December?

A. Firstly, lets put into perspective that 90% of women suffer with cellulite , with at least 56% of them being concerned about it’s appearence, so you are not alone.

There are a number of things you could try to help reduce the appearance of the problem cellulite and improve the condition of the skin. Dry body brushing and regular exfoliation will boost circulation and lympatic drainage as well as skin  texture and condition. In additon to this targeted cellulite treatments are a great weapon in the fight against the dreaded dimples and both our in salon skincare houses, Clarins and Guinot have targeted treatment creams to have you looking fabulous in time for the party season.

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control £36 is an easily absorbed cream-gel which used morning and/or evening in-conjunction with the “Clarins Self Massage Body Contouring Method” makes cellulite 78% less visible after just four weeks, plus 85% of women tested immediately noticed more hydrated and comfortable skin. This product is a targeted solution to reduce and banish stubborn cellulite, preventing it’s reappearance and the specialised massage technique combines manual pressure and muscular contraction to trap adipose tissue and in doing so helps drain away excess fluid and fat.

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control

Guinot ‘s cellulite wonder product is called,  Minceur Chrono Logic £43.25 and  works on targeted sliming in just 15 days. A combination of the light serum and the Guinot Cellulite Massager used morning and evening has seen clients loose 1cm from the waistline, 1.1cm from the thigh area and 1.4cm from the hips, with 85.7% of women tested commenting on a noticeable slimmer figure and reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Minceur Chrono Logic

Unfortunately as wonderful as both these creams are, they do require us the user to put in some of the work ourselves. Using the treatments alongside a healthy balanced diet and drinking around 2 litres of water a day will help the body process  and eliminate the toxins which help to create cellulite and boost your way to quick and amazing results.

I hope this helps have you ready to wow everybody at the party, and have a great night!

*All statistics provided by Clarins Uk Ltd and Guinot – Mary Cohr Skincare