How do I know what skin type I am and what cream is right for me?

Q. I have been buying my face cream off the shelf at Boots or the supermarket for years now and often find that I don’t like the product or that the product is wrong for my skin. I am now 46 and my skin feels like it needs something more, how do I know what skin type I am and what is right for me?

A. The world of cosmetics can be an absolute minefield if you have no idea where to focus your search. You have known for some time now that you wanted to use a cream but have been disappointed with your choices. Choices made based on fancy packaging, impressive advertising or recommendations from the lady next door, and this has meant that you have not necessarily using a cream appropriate for your needs, and this is where professional advice comes into its own.

With so many products on the market showcasing their impressive lists of active ingredients with names that would be worth 100’s in a game of scrabble, it is hard to know which cream will address your specific concern, or even to know something as simple as which skin type you really are.

There is a misconception that salon based products are expensive, but if you compare the cost of one cream bought under professional guidance, with homecare tailored specifically to your skin, lifestyle and budget, with the amounts you have spent on self-assessed store/internet bought creams that have not been right for you, then I would guess you will probably make a considerable saving.

At The Face and Body Shop every member of our team has had professional training from our international skincare houses Clarins and Guinot to provide the most informed and accurate advice on which products are best for every specific skin care concern. We can write treatment plans and also recommend salon treatments to compliment your, at home routines to achieve maximum benefits and results. We can offer samples and change your routine based on seasonal changes, holidays and other lifestyle impactors, and with prices starting as little as £13 it doesn’t have to break the bank to get excellent products recommended with expert knowledge.

Please feel FREE to call in anytime for product advice or book in for a mini facial from £17 to get a full skin analysis, treatment plan and complementary samples specifically chosen for you.