How do I deal with excess sweat?

Q. I have just started a new job which I am finding quite stressful. I suffer from quite heavy excess sweat in summer and at times when I am nervous. The pressure I am under at the moment, is making this condition quite heavy and I am worried that the sweat shows through my work wear, which is making more stressed. Is there anything I can do, I have tried strong antiperspirants before with no success.

A. Congratulations on your new position! The start of a new job is an exciting time, but can also be highly stressful time and it is totally understandable that the adjustment period you are currently going through would result in increased stress levels, nerves and anxiety. However, the manifestation of this increased pressure in the form of excess sweat, cannot be helping you at this already demanding time.

Hyperhidrosis is the condition of excessive sweat in certain areas of the body, usually the underarms, hands and feet, although it can occur in other areas. If this was a new condition and something that you had never experienced before, with no recognised trigger, then I would recommend a trip to your GP to rule out any underlying medical cause, but as this is something you have a history of suffering with and because we have an identified cause and effect, it is something that we can look to treat with Botox.

Botulinum Toxin A can be injected under the arm (or relevant area) to block neural control of the sweat glands in that area. The brand we use in our clinic is Botox and the effect of a singular treatment can last between 3-9 months.


Botox can conjure up many misguided and negative views, but is it essential to understand that Botox’s original use was purely medically based and that its use in aesthetics came much later down the line. Although this is now how Botox is most commonly known, it is still widely used worldwide by the medical professionals in the treatment of conditions such as chronic migraine, multiple sclerosis, urinary incontinence, depression and many more including hyperhidrosis.

Botox not only has the ability to transform the way we look and feel about ourselves aesthetically, but it can also deliver real results to those suffering with genuine medical conditions and disorders.

If you would like to visit the FAB Clinic for a full, free and in-depth consultation with one of our highly trained medical professional, who will be able to discuss with you a more personal and bespoke treatment plan please call us on 0161 627 1114. We would love to be able to offer you some genuine results so that you can concentrate on this exciting time in your life and career.