Nail Salon Grotton

Nail Salon Grotton offers a variety of nail treatments and enhancements.

Mavala professional nail colour is applied after any manicure or pedicure – the mini bottle of polish is then yours to take home. If you do not wish to purchase the polish for only £3 let reception know on check in – we do this so every client gets a sterile bottle of perfect polish with every visit. For 14 day polish we use SHELLAC – we are one of the only authorized CND retailers in the area – get a superior service with the CND® SHELLAC® brand – 14+ day nail colour system featuring a base coat – colour coat and top coat – and the exclusive CND® LED lamp – the CND® SHELLAC® brand system works together like no other to deliver two weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage.

Nail Enhancements

Our nail technician is fully qualified and experienced in all nail enhancements – we recommend gel for the least damage to your natural nails…

Please read the pre and post home care advice.

Nail Salon Grotton